Thursday, 6 December 2012

Too much on one board?

5 breakout boards very tightly packed 
I jammed a bunch of breakout boards all onto the same screwshield and managed to trash the BMP085 along the way, from either heat or static. The boards overlap to make everything fit, and the necessary wiring also made the clearances tight.

The end product has a 3-axis accelerometer, feeding 3 of a total of 8 channels of 12 bit ADC, plus one channel of 12 bit DAC. It would also have pressure and temperature if I hadn't fried the board along the way.

The DAC output, as well as the three accelerometer readouts are available on the WXYZ screw terminals.

Cuts down on the wiring mess
TFTLCD 2.8 on top of it all
The ADC are configured for I2C 0x48 and 0x49 and the DAC on 0x62. The green boxes are spring loaded quick release sockets for ground and 5 of the ADC channels. They're a little tall, but it's still possible to fit a display on top to show how the orientation of the board is changing with time.

Of course all of this may be entirely redundant as my long awaited Arduino Due walked in the door late this afternoon, with 12 ADC and 2 DAC and it will run AnalogRead() at 40us / call and 12 bits.