Sunday, 1 December 2013

Trinkets, Guino, and Updating the Teensy from Beta

The Adafruit trinket and flora require some special capabilities that I covered by installing the Adafruit Arduino 1.05 distribution. This is way easier than the original distribution that had to be installed manually over the stock Arduino 1.05. It also has support for all the usual Arduinos.

I installed the teensyduino 1.16 release with all libraries over the Adafruit 1.05 to support the teensy 3. Easy as pi and seems to work more smoothly than the betas, although I still have to push the button on the T3 at unpredictable times when uploading.

Guino provides a cool looking operational dashboard for the Arduino. It works with the UNO. It can't work with the Trinket because they don't do serial, and it doesn't work with the Arduino Micro or Teensy 3 because of software differences. Be sure to disconnect the GUI while reloading from Arduino or communications can get messed up.